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Policy Briefings and Hearings

2021 Great power competition in Central Asia, JSOU SOF in Strategic Competition Forum, May 5.

2020 Le poids de l’Arctique dans les politiques russes, Parliamentary Research Mission on North and South Poles, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris,

November 25.

2020 Russia’s Arctic Strategy, “GW Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership,” George Washington University, Washington DC, October 1

2020 Classified lectures for the State Department’s Center for Global Engagement and the Defense Department’s Russia Strategic Initiative.

2019 Russian and Chinese Activity in Central Asia, SMA Speaker Series, Washington DC, Defense Department. September 18.

2019 Russia and China in Central Asia, Testimony for U.S.-China Commission Hearing, “An Emerging China-Russia Axis? Implications for the United States in an Era

of Strategic Competition,” Congress, March 21.

2019 Russia and NATO: Next Generation Warfare?, “GW Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership,” George Washington University, Washington DC,

February 28.

2019 Russia’s Tools of Influence in Europe, Defense Studies Institute, Andrew Base, January 30.

2018 Russia’s Arctic Policy—Sovereignty and Governance Aspects, “Arctic Futures: Arctic States Responding to Shifting Trends,” Office of Analytic Outreach Bureau

of Intelligence and Research, October 23.

2018 Afghanistan and Its Neighbors: Coalition-Building Challenges, “GW Senior Manager Course in National Security Leadership,” George Washington University,

Washington DC, February 28.

2017 Assessing Russia’s Soft Power in Europe, Workshop “Russian Relations with Europe,” U.S. Department of State Bureau of Intelligence and Research and the

National Intelligence Council, Washington DC, November 29.

2017 Youth in Central Asia: Social Challenges and Changes in Values, World Bank Central Asia Team Meeting, Washington DC, April 19.

2016 Report launch, The Kremlin's Trojan Horses, Atlantic Council, Washington DC, November 16.

2016 The Russia-China Military-Industrial Complex Rapprochement, French Ministry of Defense, Paris, France, June 15.

2016 The Drivers of Russia’s Arctic Policy, Congressional Seminar, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C., April 15.

2015 Russian Nationalists and the Kremlin after the Ukrainian Crisis, Russia and Eurasia Department, French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris, France, December 18.

2015 No war, no peace…Challenges in Eurasia(roundtable), Strategic Multi-Layer Assessment (SMA) conference, Joint Andrew Base, Virginia, October 28.

2015 Testimony, “Looking West: China and Central Asia,” U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, Congress, Washington D.C., March 18.

2015 Silk Roads projects and narratives, Foreign Service Institute, Washington D.C., February 24.

2015 US Silk Road Policy, Opportunities and Challenges, Global Ties US, Department of State's International Visitor Leadership Program, Washington D.C., February


2015 Executive Analytic Exchange on Turkmenistan for Ambassador Allan P. Mustard, U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research,

Washington D.C., January 13.

2014 The Impact of the Ukrainian Crisis in Central Asia, Briefing for the Senate Foreign Relations Committee staff, Washington D.C., July 4.

2014 Some Recommendations for the US Chairmanship of the Arctic Council, The Future of Arctic Cooperation, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS),

Washington D.C., June 25.

2013 Assessment of the Impact on the Central Asian Region of the 2014 Withdrawal of NATO/ISAF forces from Afghanistan, Committee on Foreign Affairs, European

Parliament, Brussels, Belgium, December 18. 

2013 Russia’s Arctic Strategy. Opportunities and Challenges, Harvard US-Russia Security Program, Washington, DC, November 12.

2013 Russia’s Futures, Testimony before the Finnish Parliament’s Committee for the Future, Helsinki, Finland, October 25.

2012 Is the ‘New Silk Road’ a Comprehensive Drawdown Policy?, Conference “Security, Supply Lines and Sustainable Development: Afghanistan and Central Asia

towards 2014 and beyond,” organized by FRIDE, EUCAM and the Open Society Foundation’s Central Eurasia Project, Bundestag, Berlin, Germany, November


2012 Domestic Situation in Tajikistan after the Khorog Events, EUCAM seminar, EU Finnish Permanent Representation, Brussels, Belgium, September 21.

2012 Domestic Security Challenges in Kazakhstan, Public Hearing of the European Parliament, “The Challenges of the EU-Kazakhstan Partnership,” Brussels,

Belgium, September 19.

2012 Discussing ‘Extremism’ in Russia, George C. Marshall European Center for Security Studies Senior Executive Seminar, Garmisch, Germany, September 10.

2012 Assessing Future Trends of China’s and Russia’s Involvement in Central Asia, Workshop “The Growing Influence of China in South Asia and the Future Impact on

Russia and the Near Abroad,” The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Laurens, MD, August 29.

2012 Identifying the Real ‘Security Threats’ in Central Asia, Workshop “Central Asia after NATO Troop Withdrawal from Afghanistan,” NATO Defense College, Rome,

Italy, July 9.

2012 Uzbekistan: Relations with Neighbors and Role in the Afghan Puzzle of Regional Stability, Annual seminar of the OSCE School for Border Management,

Dushanbe, Tajikistan, May 16.

2012 Changing Power Balance in the Caspian Region, Conference “Prospects for Prosperity in the Caspian Basin: Energy, Reform, and 20 Years of Diplomatic

Relations with the United States,” Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington D.C., March 27.

2012 The Future of Central Asia and the Trans-Atlantic Partnership, Workshop “Global Trends 2030: Security Challenges to the Trans-Atlantic Partnership,” The U.S.

Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research, The National Intelligence Council, and The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute,

Washington D.C., March 26.

2011 Impacts of China’s Growing Influence in Central Asia, Conference “China’s Evolving Role in Central Asia,” Foreign Service Institute, Washington D.C., December


2011 Putin’s Third Act: Challenges, Changes, and Stagnation in Russia, Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Ottawa, Canada, November 22.

2011 Is China Winning on Russia in Central Asia? German Marshall Fund of the United States Trilateral Strategy Group Fifth Meeting, “Geopolitics and Strategy in

Revolutionary Times,” Warsaw, Poland, November 13-15.

2011 Cooperation and Competition Patterns of Europe and Russia in Central Asia, EUCAM Conference “Europe and Central Asia: an Evolving Partnership in Security

and Development,” Parliament of Finland, Helsinki, Finland, October 24.

2011 The Military and Security Services as Political Players, Conference “Russian Presidential Succession,” The U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Intelligence

and Research, Washington D.C., September 27.

2011 Reassessing ‘Security’ In Central Asia: The Weight of Neighboring Afghanistan, Conference “Contemporary Issues in International Security: U.S-Russian-

European Views 2011,” U.S. Army War College, Carlisle, PA, September 26-27.


2021 La Russie a-t-elle une idéologie (à exporter) ? (Does Russia has an ideology to export ?) French Institute for International Relations, Paris, June 22.

2021 Central Asia's Perceptions of the BRI: Hopes and Concerns, UVA’s Assessment of China’s Belt & Road Initiative speaker series, April 16.

2021 Is Russia Fascist? Book Presentation and Discussion, Malmo Russian Seminar, Sweden March 16, GW’s Elliott School of International Affairs’ Faculty Book

Launch, March 26, ASN Convention, May 8.

2021 Looking at post-Soviet Eurasia from Europe and the US: Divergences of perspectives and shared visions, “Europe and America in the Modern World” Lecture

Series, Leipzig University, Regensburg, Germany, February 1.

2020 Memory Politics and the Russian Civil War. Reds versus Whites Book Discussion, IERES, The George Washington University, Washington D.C., December 11.

2020 Russian Islam: Societal and Political Transformations of a Muslim Culture, Interdisciplinary Islamic Studies Seminar, University of Michigan, November 19.

2020 Forces of Change and their Limitation in Central Asia, CERES, Georgetown University, October 19.

2020 Russia New Traditional Values Offensive, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, October 7.

2020 Russian Nationalism. A Discussion with Andreas Umland, IERES, The George Washington University, June 4.

2019 “Russian, Chinese, and Militant Messaging Effects on U.S. Favorability Perceptions in Central Asia.” Minerva Meeting and Program Review, Washington, DC,

September 26.

2019 Kazakhstan’s Semi-Transition, Ed. A. Hewett Forum on Former Soviet Affairs, Brookings Institution, May 6.

2019 Russia’s Ideological Ecosystems: What Are the Interactions between Nationalists and the Kremlin? Kennan Institute, Washington DC, February 21.

2019 New Generations in Central Asia: Opportunities and Challenges of Transformation, Second Annual Edward Allworth Distinguished Lecture on Central Asian

Studies, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, February 11.

2018 Making Sense of Russia: Putin's Fourth Term and its Implications for Russia and the World, SUNY Geneseo Kenneth Roemer Lecture on World Affairs, Geneseo,

March 22.

2018 Russia's Arctic Ambitions: Domestic Factors and Foreign Policy Strategies, ARCUS Arctic Research Seminar Series, Washington DC, March 6.

2018 Kazakhstan’s Nationhood: Politics and Society on the Move, “Nava’i Nalle Lecture,” Georgetown University, Washington DC, February 8.

2018 Fashisty! The War in Ukraine and the Semantics of Fascism and Conservatism in Russia, Harvard Ukrainian Research Center, February 5.

2017 Social Changes and Their Impact on Central Asia, Toronto University, Canada, March 1.

2016 Social Changes and Their Impact on Central Asia, Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, November 10.

2016 What do we Know about Central Asia’s Public Opinions?, Center for Russian, East Europe, and Central Asia, University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, February 25.

2016 The Other Face of the Arctic: Urban Culture in a Polar Environment, Geography Department, George Washington University, Washington D.C., January 22.

2015 Central Asia In and Out. Globalizing factors, 2015 Paul Bergne Memorial Lecture, Antony’s College, Oxford, United Kingdom, May 13.

2015 The US Silk Road: Geopolitical Imaginary or the Repackaging of Strategic Interests?, Critical Silk Roads Seminar, Georgetown University, April 30.

2015 Nation-building in Central Asia. State narratives and their Challengers, Davis Center, Harvard University, MA, February 11.

2014 An Evolving Identity Framework. The Rise of Russian Ethnonationalism and its Mobilizing Potential, Russian Studies Department, Manchester University, United

Kingdom, April 1.

2013 Aleksei Navalny and the National-Democrats. Failures and Successes to reconciliate Nationalism and Liberalism, NEORUSS Seminar, Oslo, NUPI and University

of Oslo, Norway, November 28.

2013 Russian Nationalism: A Look through Politics, Society and Culture, Havighurst Center for Russian and Post-Soviet Studies, Miami-Oxford University, OH,

November 11.

2012 The ‘Chinese Question’ in Central Asia, Nazarbayev University, Astana, Kazakhstan, December 6.

2011 Reassessing Russia’s Decisionmaking Community: Intra-elite Conflicts, Political and Business Networks, and Ideological Constructions, Kennan Institute Seminar,

Washington D.C., March 21.

2011 Soviet Racial Ideology and Politics after Stalin. New Perspectives, with Sarah Fainberg, Georgetown Program for Jewish Civilization and the Center for

Eurasian, Russian, and East European Studies, Georgetown University, Washington D.C., March 2.

2010 Russian Policy in the Arctic: Ambitions, Dreams, and Strategies, Russian and Eurasian Studies Program, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C.,

November 3.

2010 Reassessing Russian Nationalism: The Search for a Social Consensus, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary, March 12.

2010 Perspectives et strategies de la Russie en Afghanistan et en Asie centrale [Perspectives and Strategies of Russia in Afghanistan and in Central Asia], Laval

University, Quebec City, Canada, January 29.


2021 Memory Wars as a Strategic Positioning on Europe's Future, EUHYBRID conference, Jean Monnet Center for Excellence Network, June 16.

2021 Regional Imaginary and/or Revisionism? Russia and the Eurasian Question, Davies Forum Workshop, University of San Francisco, May 3.

2020 Russia’s Civilizational Politics, Institute for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Uppsala University, Sweden, December 8.

2020 Fascism, Far Right, and Illiberalism. Disentangling the Putin Regime and its Ideological Ecosystems, ComFas Convention, Central European University, Vienna,

Austria, September 25-27.

2019 Russia’s Conservative Playbook, International Conference “Russia in the Global Cultural Wars,” Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and world Affairs,

Georgetown University, October 17-18, 2019.

2019 Russia as a Conservative Avant-Garde? A Cartography of the Russian “Rights,” Workshop “Taking Far-Right Thinkers Seriously,” Notre Dame University, May 1.

2019 Russia’s Soft Power in the Muslim World, International Conference “Russia’s Islamic Diplomacy. Institutions, Informality, and Believers,” IERES, George

Washington University, Washington DC, April 29.

2019 EAEU and BRI: Regional Integration Grand Designs Challenged, CERES Conference “Energy & Economics in Central Asia,” Georgetown University, April 8.

2019 Kazakhstan’s Youth, National Identity Transformations and their Political Consequences, Central Asia Security Workshop, George Washington University,

Washington DC, March 18.

2019 Populism and Character Assassination in European Context: A Comparative Approach, International Conference “CARP2019: Character Assassination and

Populism: Challenges and Responses,” George Mason University, March 16.

2019 Why Asking If “Russia Is Undermining Democracy in the West” Is Asking the Wrong Question,” Conference “Is Russia Undermining Democracy in the West?”

Penn State, Philadelphia, March 14.

2019 Theorizing Central Asia: State of the Field, Central Asia and Caucasus Seminar, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies, Harvard University, February 20.

2019 “Conservatism” in Russia and in Europe. Gaps and Overlaps, International Conference “Conservatism and Reaction in Contemporary Politics,” Bard College,

Gagarin Center at the Smolny College (Saint-Petersburg), and the Harriman Institute, Columbia University, February 11-13.

2019 Beyond Putin: Russia’s Generations Y and Z, PONARS Spring Annual Policy Conference, George Washington University, Washington DC, February 1.

2018 Cultural Studies and their Role in Understanding Russia’s Political Regime, Conference “Regime Evolution, Institutional Change, and Social Transformation in

Russia,” Yale University, April 27-28.

2018 Kazakhstani Perceptions of External Powers. Unexpected Findings of Survey Analysis, International Conference “Central Asia Security Workshop,” George

Washington University, Washington DC, March 5.

2017 Indicators of an Arctic Urban Social Sustainability Index,5thinternational conference of the Arctic Research Coordination Network “Building a Research

Network for Promoting Arctic Urban Sustainability,” Anchorage, Alaska, May 15-16.

2017 Studying Russian Media Context, Challenges and New Directions for Research, PONARS Eurasia Workshop “Revisiting Research on Russian Media,” George

Washington University, Washington DC, April 28.

2017 Labor migration to Russia and its impact on Central Asian societies, Conference “US-Central Asia Relations,” Georgetown University, Washington DC, April 20.

2017 Revisiting ‘Conservative’ values. Is Illiberalism the New Mainstream for Central Asian Societies? International Conference “Central Asia Security Workshop,”

George Washington University, Washington DC, March 6.

2017 Reductio ad Fascism. Character Assassination of Putin’s Regime through the Labeling of ‘Fascism’, International Conference “Character Assassination in Theory

and Practice,” George Mason University, Washington DC, March 4.

2016 Book launch,25 Years of Independence: Questioning Post-Soviet, Kennan Institute, Washington DC, December 6.

2016 Changes in the Social Fabric of Russia’s Arctic Cities, First PIRE international conference, George Washington University, Washington DC, October 20.

2016 Debating Islam and Russia’s National Identity, International Conference “The Image of Islam in Russia,” Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies,

Uppsala, Sweden, October 6-8.

2016 Social Changes and New Mobilities in Norilsk, International Conference “Russia’s Arctic Cities’ Sustainable Development and Challenges,” George Washington

University, and the Russian Geographical Society, Lenin Icebreaker, Murmansk, Russia, June 27-28.

2016 ‘Nationalism’, ‘Conservatism’? Competition and Overlaps in the Kremlin’s Narrative, International Conference “The State and Political Discourse in Today’s

Russia,” George Washington University and Reset-Dialogues on Civilizations conference, Fondazione Giorgio Cini, Venice, Italy, June 17-18.

2016 Tajikistan’s Quest for a National Storytelling. Ambivalences, Blank Spaces, and Discontinuities, International Conference “Tajikistan. Approaches, Fieldworks

and Topics,” George Washington University and the Swedish Institute for International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden, June 13-14.

2016 Assessing Russia’s Normative Agenda in Central Asia, International Conference “The Great Powers and Central Asia after Western Drawndown from

Afghanistan,” OSCE Academy and Columbia University, Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, June 6-7, 2016.

2016 Is Nationalism a Force of Change in Russia?, Daedalus authors’ workshop, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian

Studies, Harvard University, MA, May 31-June 2.

2016 Arctic Social Sciences Workshop, NSF-funded workshop of Arctic Horizons, Brown University, MA, June 1-2.

2016 Izborsky Club: Nationalism, Stalinism, Conservatism?, International Conference “Nation-building and nationalism in today’s Russia,” Tallinn, Estonia, April 28-


2016 How Nation-Building Interact with Regime Legitimacy, Workshop “Understanding Regime Legitimacy in Central Asia,” University of Glasgow’s CRCEES and

George Washington University, Washington D.C., April 13.

2016 Can we Map the Production of ‘Ideologies’ in Contemporary Russia?, International conference “Locating ‘Conservative Ideology’ in Today’s Russia,” George

Washington University, Washington D.C., March 31-April 1.

2016 Roundtable Confronting Far-Right Extremism in Europe, Atlantic Council, Washington D.C., March 22.

2016 Capturing Russian Media Influence in Central Asia, Workshop “Third Central Asia Security Workshop,” George Washington University, Washington D.C., March


2016 Soil and Bones. The Search Movement in Russia, Workshop “The Culture of Memory and Commemoration in Contemporary Russia,” George Washington

University, Washington D.C., February 26.

2016 Russia’s Arctic Policy. Setting the Scene, Conference “U.S.-Russia Relations in the Arctic,” Harriman Institute and SIPA Center on Global Energy Policy,

Columbia University, February 12.

2015 Russia’s Celebration of V-Day: Great Politics and Domestic Legitimacy, International Conference “Anniversary Politics: Commemorations of WWII in the Asia

Pacific in 2015,” Sigur Center for Asian Studies, George Washington University, Washington D.C., September 10.

2015 The New Ice Curtain: Russia's Strategic Reach to the Arctic, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), Washington D.C., August 27.

2015 The ‘Xenophobic Empire’. Multinationality, Ethnicity and Empire in State Narratives in Russia, International workshop “The Evolution of Russian Political

Thought after 1991,” Deutsche Gesellschaft für Auswärtige Politik, Berlin, Germany, June 22-23.

2015 Academia and the National Identity Narrative in Uzbekistan. Structure and Evolution, International conference “Uzbekistan beyond the ‘Curtain’. Approaches,

fieldworks and topics,” George Washington University and the Swedish Institute of International Affairs, Stockholm, Sweden, June 11-12.

2015 Why the Eurasian Union is not Eurasianist, International conference “The Politics of Eurasianism,” Sodertorn University, Stockholm, Sweden, May 14-15.

2015 The Economic Crisis in Central Asia and the Relationship to Russia, Conference “Central Asia. What’s next?” Georgetown University, Washington D.C., March


2015 Russia’s Arctic Policy in the post-Ukraine Situation, SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., March 25.

2015 The Eurasian Economic Union and Central Asia, Seminar “What Future for the Eurasian Economic Union?” Columbia University, New York, March 3.

2014 Russia, China, India. Convergences and Conflicts of Interests, Workshop “India, China, Russia: Incentives and Limits of Cooperation,” Carnegie Endowment for

International Affairs, Washington D.C., May 14.

2014 Russian Nationalism and the Ukrainian Crisis, Seminar “The Role of Ultra-Nationalism in Conflict and Crisis: Russia, Ukraine and the EU,” Kennan Institute,

Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C., November 12.

2014 The Water/Energy Nexus in Central Asia. Do we ask the Right Questions? Workshop “The Third Central Asia Fellowship Seminar,” George Washington

University, Washington D.C., June 24.

2014 The Rise of Kazakh Nationalism: Internet Sociability, Youth Ideology, and National Myths, International Conference “Kazakhstan beyond Economic Success.

Exploring Social and Cultural Changes in Eurasia,” George Washington University and the Uppsala Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies (UCRS), Uppsala

University, Sweden, June 13-14.

2014 Is Eurasia winning over Eurasianism? Trajectories of a Concept, Workshop “The Vision of Eurasia,” Sodertorn University, Sweden, June 9.

2014 Norilsk Urban Landscape: Migrants, Social Stratification and Symbolic Hierarchy, Arctic Research Coordination Network, Second Workshop, Saint-Petersburg,

Russia, June 5-7.

2014 Mahalla as an object of Western Scholarship, Workshop “Mahallas in Uzbekistan and the status of self-governing bodies,” George Washington University,

Washington D.C., May 29.

2014 Russia’s Arctic Policy. Domestic and International Drivers, Federal Conference “Sovereignty, Security and Governance in the Arctic,” Woodrow Wilson

International Center for Scholars, Washington D.C., May 21.

2014 Convergences and Conflicts of Interests Seen from Russia, Workshop “India, China, Russia. Incentives and Limits of Cooperation,” Carnegie Endowment for

International Peace, Washington D.C., May 14.

2014 “Silk Road”: Historical Metaphor, Ideology, Wishful Thinking?, Workshop “The Second Central Asia Security Workshop,” George Washington University,

Washington D.C., February 24.

2014 Kazakhstan as a Migration Pole: Regional Opportunities, Domestic Challenges, International Conference “Soft Security Challenges in Central Asia and

Kazakhstan,” George Washington University, Washington D.C., February 4.

2013 Russia's Futures, Plenary Panel, “Russia and the World,” 13th Annual Aleksanteri Conference in Helsinki, Finland, October 23-25.

2013 Research on National and Political Identity in Russia: New Developments and Ideas, Centenary Conference of Slavic Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands,

October 11.

2013 Patriotism, Memory and Culture. Kul'tura, Zvezda and Spas Broadcasting Narratives, Workshop “Media and Democratization in post-Soviet Nations, George

Washington University,” Washington D.C., September 25. 

2013 US Policy towards Central Asia, International conference “Islam in Eurasia. Policy Conference,” David Center for Russian Studies and Kennan Institute,

Washington D.C., June 6-7.

2013 Central Asian Migrants as New Actors in Russia’s Arctic Urban Landscape, Arctic Urban Sustainability Conference, George Washington University, Washington

D.C., May 30-31.

2013 A “Regional Solution” for Afghanistan? Perspectives from Afghanistan's Northern Neighbors, Workshop “Afghanistan after 2014,” George Washington

University, the Kennan Institute and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars’ South Asia Center, Washington D.C., May 1.

2013 Women and Water in South and Central Asia, Workshop “Water Resource Management, Human Rights and Environmental Security in South/Central Asia.

Gilgit-Baltistan: A Case Study,” Central Asia Program, in partnership with GW International Development Program, The Foundation for Democracy and Rule

of Law for Regions in Conflict, and The Institute of Gilgit-Baltistan Studies, Washington D.C., April 25.

2013 Changing Patterns of Identity Debates in Russia and Ukraine: from Memory Wars to the Migration Issue, International Conference “Russian and Ukrainian

Nationalism: Entangled Histories,” Harriman Institute, Columbia University Press April 22-23.

2013 Deconstructing the ‘Spillover’ Narrative, “Central Asia Security Workshop,” Central Asia Program, George Washington University, Washington D.C., March 25-


2013 The Chinese Question in Central Asia: Perceptions, Politics and Social Change: A Conversation with authors Marlene Laruelle and Sebastien Peyrouse, Moderated

by Alexander Cooley, Harriman Institute and Weatherhead East Asian Institute, Columbia University, New York, March 6.

2012 Framing the Nation and the Sociology of Academia in Kyrgyzstan, International conference “Kyrgyzstan Beyond ‘Democracy Island’ And ‘Failing State’:

Factoring Social and Political Changes in a Post-Soviet Society,” George Washington University and UCRS, Uppsala, Sweden, December 17-18.

2012 Central Asian Workers in the Arctic, Workshop “Russia’s Arctic Cities: State Policies, Resource Development, and Climate Change,” Washington D.C., George

Washington University, November 19.

2012 Nomadism as a Nation-Building tool in Contemporary Kazakhstan, Workshop “Nomadic Life Styles and Narratives in Kazakhstan: Then and Now,” George

Washington University and the Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C., November 9.

2012 Debating “Patronal Politics in Central Asia.” A Demokratizatsiya Special Issue, with Slavomir Horak, Erica Marat, Lawrence Markowitz, and Sebastien Peyrouse,

George Washington University, Washington D.C., September 25.

2012 Repenser la race par la culture : la raciologie dans la Nouvelle Droite russe et française [Affirming race through culture : Raciology in the Russian and French

New Rights], International Conference “L’imaginaire raciologique en France et en Russie aux XIXe- XXe siècles [Racial Imaginary in France and Russia, 19th-

20th centuries],” Russian State University in the Humanities, Moscow, Russia, May 25-27.

2012 Uzbekistan, a Key and Uncertain Actor for the Future of Afghanistan and the Regional Order in the Wider Central Asia, International conference “Afghanistan's

Stability and Regional Security Implications for Central Asia,” George Washington University and EUCAM, Dushanbe, Tajikistan, May 17-18.

2012 Reassessing ‘Regional Solutions’ for Post-2014 Afghanistan, Conference “Afghanistan 2014: Impacts on Global Security Identities,” The University of Kansas,

Lawrence, KS, April 25.

2012 Russian Think Tanks: A Look on Ideas' Diversity in Russia and its Impact on the Decision-making Circles, Conference “New President, New Russia? What’s Next?”

Aleksanteri Elections Seminars, Aleksanteri Institute, Helsinki, Finland, March 14.

2012 Integration of Central Asian Migrants in Russia: the Micro-Scale Level, International Conference “Labor Migration in the Post-Soviet World (Impetus,

Experience, Effects, Policy),” Harriman Institute, Columbia University, New York, March 1.

2012 Armed Xenophobia in Eurasia, Forum “Armed Xenophobia. The Global War against Immigrants,” The Center for the History of the New America, University of

Maryland, Washington D.C., February 16.

2012 Factoring the Foreign Policy Goals of the Central Asian States, International conference “The U.S., China, and the Future of Central Asia,” The China-U.S.

Studies Center, New York University, February 6-8.

2012 Opportunities and Disillusions of the “Look North” Policy. Indian Perceptions of and Strategies in Central Asia, Joint Seminar, Sigur Center for Asian Studies and

IERES, Elliott School for International Affairs, George Washington University, Washington D.C., January 23.

2012 Patterns of Globalization in Central Asia: Integrating the World Economy, International Seminar “Governance in Central Asia: The ‘Other’ Mapping of Energy

Resources,” Barcelona University, Spain, January 19-20.

2011 Russia, International conference “The Other Sides of Afghanistan: a Regional Perspective on Security Issues in Afghanistan,” The Center for Security Studies

(CSS), ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland, November 3-4.

2011 Evolving Pattern of Migration from Central Asia to Russia. Shuttle Migration and Long-Term Emigration, International Conference “The Resilience of People in

motion: Processes of immigration, transmigration, and remigration in the wider Europe today,” Trier University, Germany, October 13-15.

2011 Apprendre à être patriote : les clubs patriotiques pour adolescents [Learning to be patriot: Patriotic clubs for teenagers], Conference “Russie: Le patriotisme

en pratique(s),” [Russia: Patriotism in Practice], CERCEC/CERI/MSH, Paris, France, May 12-13 (video-conference).

2011 A Russian Look on the Arctic Future, Conference “The Future of the Arctic,” SAIS, Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., February 2.

2011 National Minorities’ Associations in Kazakhstan: Renegotiating Social Activism? International Workshop “Civil Society in Kazakhstan and Central Asia,” Kennan

Institute, Washington D.C., January 20-2


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