policy papers

How Islam will change Russia,” Jamestown Foundation Paper, September 2016.

From Paris to Vladivostok. The Kremlin’s connections of the French far right,” Political Capital Institute (Budapest), December 2015, co-authored with Loran Gyori, Peter Kreko, Dora Haller, Rudy Reichstadt.

"Women and Water in Central Asia and South Asia Building a Sustainable Future," December 2015, Final Policy Report, co-authored with Deepa Ollapally, Ariana Leon and Julia Collins.

The ‘Russian World’. Russia's Soft Power and Geopolitical Imagination,” Center for Global Interests Papers, May 2015.

Russia’s Policy in Central Asia,” EUCAM European National Policy Series, no. 17, September 2014.

Russia’s National Identity and Foreign Policy toward the Asia-Pacific,” The Asian Forum, January 2014.

 “The impact of the 2014 ISAF forces’ withdrawal from Afghanistan on the Central Asian region,” a paper commissioned by the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs, January 2014, with Jos Boonstra and Sebastien Peyrouse.

The Afghanistan-Central Asia relationship: What role for the EU?EUCAM Working Papers no. 13, February 2013, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse and Vera Axyonova.

Regional Organisations in Central Asia: Patterns of Interaction, Dilemmas of Efficiency,” University of Central Asia’sInstitute of Public Policy and Administration Working Paper No. 10, 2012, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse.

Security and development in Central Asia. The EU compared to China and Russia,” EUCAM Working Paper No. 11, May 2012, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse and Jos Boonstra.

Russia’s Perceptions and Strategies in Afghanistan and their Consequences for NATO,” NATO Research Paper, No. 69, November 2011.

Into Eurasia Monitoring the EU’s Central Asia Strategy. Report of the EUCAM Monitoring, February 2010, co-authored with M. Emerson, J. Boonstra (rapporteurs), N. Hasanova, and S. Peyrouse. 

Inside and Around the Kremlin's Black Box: the New Nationalist Think Tanks in Russia,” Stockholm Papers, October 2009.

Russia in a 10-20 Year Perspective,” Stockholm Papers, October 2009, co-authored with Anna Jonsson, and Fredrik Erixon. 

Russia in Central Asia: Old History, New Challenges?,” EUCAM Policy Papers, No. 3, September 2009.

Beyond the Afghan Trauma: Russia’s Return to Afghanistan,” Jamestown Occasional Paper, August 2009.

China as a Neighbor. Central Asian Perspectives and Strategies, Washington, D.C.: The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, Silk Road Monograph, April 2009, co-authored with Sebastien Peyrouse.

Russian Policy on Central Asia and the Role of Russian Nationalism,” Silk Road Papers, Washington, D.C.: The Central Asia-Caucasus Institute, April 2008.

Russo-Turkish Rapprochement Through the Idea of Eurasia: Alexander Dugin’s Networks in Turkey,” Jamestown Occasional Papers, April 2008.

Aleksandr Dugin: A Russian Version of the European Radical Right?,” Kennan Institute Occasional Papers, No. 294 (2006).

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